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If you have a pet in your home, then you have more than likely dealt with fleas at least once. Fleas are pesky, and they can be hard to get rid of. They make your dog or cat uncomfortable and can infest your home. Itís a good idea to know what fleas look like and how they live so you can rid your dog or cat of a flea problem.

Identifying a flea is fairly easy. They are small creatures, normally ranging from 1/8" to 1/16" in size. They have dark brown or black bodies that are strong. A flea can hold on during a dogís intensive scratching. Fleas also have impressive mobility. A flea can jump as high as 7" and as long as 13". With a range like that itís no wonder why and how fleas are able to move from one host to another. These creatures generally infect animals like cats and dogs, but they will bite humans if given the chance. In most cases, a dog or a cat will get fleas just by being in close proximity to another animal with the infestation. Once your pet attracts the pests, then they will follow anywhere your pet goes, including your home.

If you see one flea, then you can bet there are more. A female flea produces 400-800 eggs in as little as 5 months. Fleas live off the blood they obtain by biting a host, so all a female needs to produce mature fleas is a little blood. The lifespan of a flea is about 14 days. That time may seem short, but keep in mind that the females are continuously reproducing.

If your dog or cat is scratching constantly, then run a comb through the hair. Slowly separating the strands of hair can expose fleas. Theyíre fast, so you may only get a glimpse of movement to confirm your suspicion. A flea bite looks like a small red dot surrounded by a pink ring. Humans can get bit by merely sitting in an area where an infected pet has been sitting (i.e. the couch). Or, if the flea problem has been left untreated for awhile, the fleas can spread throughout a home.

Once you have confirmed a flea problem, then you need to try to stop is as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to take your pet to the veterinarian. In less severe cases, you can probably get rid of the fleas at home. Youíll need to thoroughly clean your petís bedding (hot water and soap), and you will also need to deep clean the carpet. After that, start your pet on a monthly flea prevention program. Your vet can recommend products that will help you keep fleas off your pet. You should also keep your carpet regularly vacuumed in case a flea makes its way into your house from time to time.

Fleas are not fun for your pet, and you need to try to protect your pet and your home from an infestation. Fleas are somewhat easy to identify but extremely hard to contain. Starting your pet on a flea prevention program is essential for keeping away the fleas.

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