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and other pet health products can be found at the top online pet stores. You can find collars, pills, drops, powders, topicals, combs, indoor and outdoor controls, tools, shampoos, sprays, dips and skin relief products, all designed to help prevent and control isolated instances and infestations of ticks and fleas in dogs and cats.

Flea infestation is one of the most common health problem in dogs and cats. Almost every dog and cat will become infested with fleas at some time during their life. These tiny, almost-invisible pests are much more than just an annoyance. They can make life miserable by disrupting your household with a vicious cycle of biting and scratching. Fleas don't just make your pet itchy, they can actually make him or her quite ill. Be aware of how fleas can irritate your pet. It might be difficult to see fleas, but they certainly can make their presence felt, especially to your pet. Prevent the effects of fleas with regular use of a flea preventative and flea killer such as Frontline® or Advantage®, which are available at the top online sites.

Ticks are second only to mosquitoes throughout the world in transmitting infectious disease to humans and animals, including Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis. Due to the serious and even potentially life-threatening nature of these diseases, it's very important to watch out for them. If your pet is bitten by a tick, the results can be fatal. Your pet's risk of contracting these diseases can be reduced by regularly using a tick preventative to kill and repel ticks. These products can be purchased online.

You will not need a prescription for most flea and tick remedies. But remember, just in case you do need a prescription, these online companies do not actually prescribe medications. They operate similar to a traditional human pharmacy, in that they only dispense prescriptions (prescribed by your pet's doctor) and then also sell numerous nonprescription health products. Generally after you place your order with one of these companies (and if your order needs a prescription), you or your vet will simply fax or send the prescription to them to complete the order. But most flea and tick products can just be bought over the counter, with no prescription necessary.

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Most people who have outside pets have had encounters with fleas once or twice. Fleas aren't fun for dogs, cats or their owners. Read more about identifying fleas and what to do about them.

Lots of people think fleas can fly. Fleas can't fly; they can just jump really good. Find out more interesting facts about these pests.

It's always good to know your enemy. Here are 10 things you should know about that flea and how to use that info to keep him off of your dog or cat.

Read about proper parasite control for your pet.

If you can't eliminate all those fleas by yourself, you might need to call in a pro to help out. Some local pest control services are pretty good at finding and eliminating those little pests around your home. Your vet can take care of the fleas on your pet pretty quickly, but you could need help with the little ones now living inside your house. Pest Contractor can help connect you with someone close to your suburb.

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The old advice that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is very applicable to these pest control products. It doesn't cost very much to keep the fleas and ticks outside (by keeping them off of your pets), but it can be a huge nuisance to get rid of fleas once they make it into or onto your pet and inside your house.

Spending too much on pet care? Maybe a pet health insurance policy would work for you. More info.

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